Nature's Wisdom for Celebration of Life

In today's world we all operate in a turbulent and hyper-competitive environment under never-before-experienced pressure to survive and succeed. Harnessing one's inner potential is the key to peaceful and joyful living in these conditions. The traditional professional development programs certainly add value to an individual's growth but they are inadequate to bring holistic and lasting change. The two-day Nature's Wisdom Workshop conducted by Dr. Sriram Gajula is an engaging event that can bring a paradigm shift and total transformation in one's life. The workshop discusses enormous love and wisdom that nature exhibits and how one can use this knowledge for one's own inner transformation. This workshop offers a holistic personal and professional development by honing one's inner wisdom to positively influence one's actions, outlook, attitude, values, behavior, emotional mastery, adaptability, performance, and fulfillment. At the end of the program, one will be able to understand, recognize, model, and actualize the nature's wisdom in all walks of one's life. As a result of this program, one should be able to celebrate the life through smiles and tears.


  • Expose participants to the nature's wisdom
  • Impart nature's wisdom to one's inner world for uninterrupted peace and joy
  • Hone one's inner wisdom to stay calm and collective even in stressful situations
  • Train participants to leverage nature's wisdom to actualize their full potential
  • Help participants to live a life of their choice yet stay in tune with nature
  • Fortify all the spokes of the life wheel with nature's wisdom


  • Nature's wisdom
  • The laws of life and nature
  • The laws of interpersonal relations
  • Nature's wisdom for peak performance
  • Nature's blueprint for success
  • Nature's unfathomable intelligence and love
  • Nature inspired ways for problem solving and effective decision making
  • Leadership building through nature's wisdom


Dr. Sriram Gajula

Dr. Sriram Gajula, who is commonly addressed as "Sriram Sir" with reverence, is the chief architect and facilitator of the Nature's Wisdom Workshop. He is a spiritual scientist, psychologist, philosopher, poet, author, speaker, seer and sage. He brings to the workshop the essence of what he has distilled through his extensive research on spirituality and the art of joyous living in the laboratory of life and nature. He offers insights to enhance and enrich one’s inner wisdom to experience unfailing and unfading joy and peace in all situations. He captivates the audience with his deep mellifluous voice from which pearls of wisdom gush out in the language which is playful, profound and witty.

Dr. Sriram Gajula holds a BS in science and M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in English from Osmania University, India. He proclaimed spiritual truths and nature's laws and wrote more than a dozen books to make his wisdom accessible to a wider audience. Dew Drops on a Lotus Leaf, Voyage into Consciousness, Journey into Joy and Telling Stories: The Indian Way, Divinity in Nature, Pearls of Wisdom, The Fragrance of Life, and Smiling Tears are more popular among his books.

Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, published three biographies on Dr. Sriram Gajula. The first biography, In Search of Mother, is written by late Mr. C. Venkata Krishna, who was an advocate at the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, India. The other two biographies entitled The Face of Eternity and The Gospel of Love are authored by Dr. M. Sivaramkrishna, former Professor and Head, Department of English, Osmania University, India.

Dr. Sriram Gajula has widely traveled in India and abroad. He loves silence and solitude. He lives a life of anonymity except for a few occasional get-togethers and one-on-one meetings, yet his impact is globally felt. He is a much-sought-after speaker and advisor both in India and abroad.

Dr. Pratap Sundar

Dr. Pratap Sundar is a co-facilitator of the Nature's Wisdom Workshop. He wears many hats: he is an engineer, scientist, spiritualist, naturalist, author, teacher, corporate trainer and consultant. He is an ardent explorer of nature. In this workshop he presents to the audience vignettes of stunning beauty and wisdom in nature. With his versatility, sagacity and bubbling enthusiasm, he leaves an indelible impression on the workshop participants.

He received his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech in Industrial Engineering from Sri Venkateswar University, India, and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston. While he was in Boston, he obtained training in Theory of Constraints from Dr. Eli Goldratt and in Axiomatic Design and Lean Manufacturing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In the earlier part of his career he worked as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai for 9 years. After his Ph.D. in 2000 he worked in the US for 6 years for two different companies: Paraform, a Silicon Valley company in Santa Clara as a Customer Advocacy Manager; and Innovation Sports, Los Angeles as a Director of Manufacturing. In 2006 he returned to India for good to establish his profession base there. He presently offers his training and consulting services in the fields of industrial engineering, demand planning, scenario planning, supply chain management, lean systems design, and six-sigma.

His insatiable spiritual thirst has led him to explore every possible source of knowledge dealing with truth and true meaning of life. He regularly gives inspiring lectures on nature to a wide variety of audience.

Dr. Warlu Nalajala

Dr. Warlu Nalajala is a co-facilitator of the Nature's Wisdom Workshop. He is a certified neuro-linguistic programming trainer, personal development coach, writer, motivator and educator. In this workshop he educates and motivates the workshop participants to leverage their inner potential to achieve phenomenal success.

Dr. Nalajala is the founder of Warlu’s Institute of Success Education (WISE). He did his M.A, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in English from Osmania University. He did his doctoral dissertation on communication skills. He was trained by national and international experts in management, communication, leadership, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and success education.

Dr. Warlu has conducted several professional public training programs for judges, educationists, civil servants, public and political representatives, print and electronic media personnel, doctors, pilots, priests, business tycoons and corporate executives. People from all walks of life have attended his transformative workshops. More than one hundred thousand people benefited by attending his power-packed programs.