About Smiling Tears

Smiling Tears is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of nature's love and wisdom through dialog and discourse.

Nature's Wisdom Series workshops are the organization's signature programs. These workshops have been successfully conducted in India for the past few years. They have attracted eminent scholars, social leaders, corporate executives, and spiritually inclined individuals. Responding to several requests from the US-based audience, Smiling Tears is bringing these workshops to Boston and Santa Clara.

2018 Events: Roots of Happiness

Happiness is the essence of life, yet it is also one of the most elusive human emotions. Often, we fail to experience happiness arguably because we focus our efforts on finding routes to happiness rather than the roots of happiness and we chase perceived means to happiness instead of the perennial source of happiness. Drawing inspiration from nature, the speaker, Dr. Sriram Gajula, offers fresh insights into the crux of happiness. He discusses nature’s principles such as dualism, gain in loss, domestication of desire, education of ego, the importance of noun over adjective, acceptance of right and ripe time, and benevolence of cosmic connectedness, and inevitability of problems as a source of joy. He emphasizes that understanding and living in tune with these nature’s laws is an essential requirement for sustained happiness.

About the Speaker: Dr. Sriram Gajula

Dr. Sriram Gajula is an eminent spiritual scientist, philosopher, author, speaker, seer, and sage. He holds a BS in Science and Ph.D. in English from Osmania University, India. He is well read and well informed by his extensive travels around the world. He is a much-sought-after advisor and speaker globally. His philosophical discourses and writings cover such complex and intriguing subjects as the divinity in nature, smiling tears, cosmic communism, evil, and freewill.

Who Should Attend

This talk is intended for those who are interested in discovering roots of happiness through nature's laws.